Coconut Oil Benefits: Why Use It

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coconut oil benefitsYou might have heard some buzzing about coconut oil. So what are we talking about and why use it? Coconut oil benefits are many for both inside and outside our bodies. It is an amazingly versatile item that has uses in the kitchen as well as for our skin. Here’s why you want to add coconut oil to your diet and your beauty routine.

Coconut Oil Benefits in Your Diet

If you use lots of vegetable oil in your cooking, you will want to consider changing to coconut oil. In my house, we alternate between coconut oil and olive oil. Both of these have properties that make cooking with them healthier.

For both oils, we choose extra virgin and organic. With coconut oil, the taste is lighter. Just a bit of the tropics thrown in. No, it doesn’t taste like the shredded coconut that goes on desserts. That tropical taste is barely transferred to foods when you cook with it.

I use my coconut oil for many cooking needs. These include:

  • stir frying foods
  • spreading on toast in place of butter
  • frying or scrambling eggs
  • popping popcorn
  • all dessert baking

The health benefits of using coconut oil in your cooking are many. Try out more recipes at Nutiva Kitchen. Learn how to cook better and eat better with coconut oil benefits.

Coconut Oil for Your Skin

For most of us, the fight to keep our skin moisturized and young looking is constant. Coconut oil goes a long way in this battle. And, yes, I’m talking about the same coconut oil you use for cooking. Just rub some on your skin. Face, legs, arms, even those rough spots. For me, it was an immediate and marked improvement.

My daughter used coconut oil to finally clear up the acne she had been plagued with since her early teen years. She now refuses to use anything else on her skin. We both use it as an easy makeup remover. Along with a gentle eye skin conditioner. A jar of coconut oil goes into every spa gift basket I give. The stuff also goes into many food gifts to make a more complete gift package.

Coconut Oil Benefits Every Where

Many use coconut oil all around the house as well. It’s a natural wood conditioner. It’s a great furniture polish. It’s even a hair conditioner. With all the coconut oil benefits, having plenty around your home is a good idea.

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  1. Mandee says:

    Okay, you got me! I have used coconut oil in cooking but had no idea of the many more uses it was wonderful for! Thank you so much for telling me! Hair, skin, cooking — all with the same product? I can see why a jar is in every spa basket you make/give!

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