Gourmet Vegan Dark Chocolate: Delicious and Healthy

Vegan Dark ChocolateVegan dark chocolate is not only delicious, but oh so healthy for us. Even if you aren’t vegan in your eating habits, you can still enjoy these delightful chocolates. The value of the cocoa beans and organic ingredients is good for us all.

Delightful Vegan Dark Chocolate Bars

Yes, we chocoholics must have our chocolate fix. But why waste that chocolate? Eating vegan dark chocolate in bars is an easy way to get the healthy value of the cocoa beans without all the milk chocolate additives and fat. Read on further to find out why dark chocolate is healthy for you.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Gift Packages

Gifting all this healthy and nutrition is a great thing to do as well. If your recipient is a vegan, they will appreciate your care in giving them appropriate foods. Even if they aren’t vegans, the health of these gifts is always a wonderful choice. Just imagine, great taste and good health all in chocolate. These also make great additions for more complete gift ideas.

The Value of Vegan Dark Chocolate

It’s the cocoa beans that provide us with all the nutrition. Cocoa beans are roasted and crushed then mixed with sugar and other ingredients to make chocolate. The fewer the extra ingredients, the healthier for us.

Cocoa beans are a proven source of antioxidants. In case you haven’t heard, these are the good guys in our system that help us fight off many diseases. Antioxidants fight off free radicals and oxidative stress in our bodies. In other words, help fight off things like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Learn more about the health benefits of dark chocolate. Then have the joy of the taste of chocolate. Now, that’s a winning combination in this chocoholics view.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Available from Abe’s Market

All of the vegan dark chocolate featured here is from Abe’s Market.com. And that’s for very good reason. Some of the best small makers of organic foods are represented by Abe’s Market. This is one of those innovative companies that goes the extra step.

At Abe’s Market, you not only find the ingredients, which are all natural of course, but also the makers, where the product was made, even how it’s made. This is the kind of information you can’t get at your local supermarket. In fact, I doubt you can find these products any where else. The makers are proud to be represented by Abe’s Market. Including the makers of these great vegan dark chocolates.

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About the Author: Enjoying sharing gourmet foods and treats with friends and family is a long time tradition for me. Since I am asked always how I found such special delights to share and give as gifts, it was time to share that with you, too. Knowing how to serve gourmet treats adds to the delight, so find out more about those special treats, how to serve them and how to choose them as gifts. .


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