Gourmet Seaweed Snacks: Healthy, Flavorful, Natural

Healthy-Gourmet-Seaweed-SnaWhen you’re looking for healthy and nutritious snacks seaweed chips are ideal. A little unusual for many, but a great alternative to traditional chips. We continually look for healthier ways to eat, but snack time can be sacred for many of us. That’s when seaweed snacks can be the best choice.

Seaweed Snacks: The Natural Snack

The Asian world has known roasted seaweed as a snack treat for centuries. But, few Western countries had ever heard of it. Seaweed is one of the powerful foods for all the nutrition it contains. A combination of snack foods and nutrition is ideal. Now, I have to admit, I was one of those potato chip addicts. With sandwiches, sitting in front of the TV, even reading my favorite mystery novel, potato chips were just a must.

Breaking my dependence on potato chips turned out to be easy when I tried gourmet seaweed snacks. They have a natural salt from the ocean, but when roasted in oil and a little extra salt added, they certainly satisfied my craving for a salty snack.

Flavorful Treats in Many Varieties

There are many different flavor varieties available for seaweed snack chips. Sesame, olive, wasabi, cracked pepper, herb and sea salt are some of flavors variations. Just like those traditional chips that are available in different flavors, gourmet seaweed snacks offer you flavor choices.

Recommended by Dr. Oz for Healthy Treats

For many of us, Dr. Oz and his daytime TV show are where we get plenty of our nutritional recommendations. That’s the case with seaweed chips. He’s a trusted name for replacing our bad eating habits with healthy alternatives. And seaweed chips are definitely a healthy, low fat and low calorie snack.

If you’ve never tried seaweed chips, or never broken the traditional snack mode, you may need to keep an open mind. While I think they are great now, it took me several tries to discover how good they are. Now, I’m thrilled. Those unhealthy potato chips are no longer an addiction for me.

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About the Author: Enjoying sharing gourmet foods and treats with friends and family is a long time tradition for me. Since I am asked always how I found such special delights to share and give as gifts, it was time to share that with you, too. Knowing how to serve gourmet treats adds to the delight, so find out more about those special treats, how to serve them and how to choose them as gifts. .


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  1. Barb says:

    Perfect! My granddaughter is a freshman at college this year. She LOVES seaweed in all varieties. (A California girl.) I’ve been looking around for a special CARE package idea to send her, and this is it!

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