Picnic Baskets for the Decadent at Heart

Gourmet-PicnicsIf you enjoy picnics, but want to make things extra special, a gourmet picnic basket is perfect. Whether it’s a romantic outing, or just a fun way to go decadent, all the equipment you need is included.

Special Times in the Outdoors

In warm weather we all like to spend as much time out of doors as we can. Trips to the park or pool are in order, but so are picnics. We enjoy eating outdoors in warm weather, so why not make it a gourmet event.

Decadent Picnic Hampers

I admit it. I am a huge fan of going all out for a picnic. Making them an extra special event is something that enjoy. I go for the unusual meals. In other words, I skip the potato salad and sandwiches. Instead, I like to have those gourmet choices and unique meal ideas.

 Sutherland Baskets SP126 Classic Gourmet Picnic Basket for 2 Decadence Picnic Basket Sutherland Jubilee Picnic Basket for 2 – SP318-Blue & White

Don’t you know, my picnics have to have the right equipment for those gourmet foods. The setting needs to look good as well. That’s what I like about the picnic hampers above. We are not talking flimsy plastic utensils and boring paper plates. How about gorgeous color combinations, cloth napkins and wine glasses instead? That helps make my gourmet picnic extra special.

Just Add the Food

Gourmet picnic baskets tend to be all inclusive. You just pick the food and drink to serve and you are ready to go. Try things like special cheeses and unique crackers. Add in some fresh fruit, maybe a meat plate and fresh bread. Then, of course, a bottle of wine and some fine chocolates for dessert. Simple, yet elegant. That’s decadent in my book.

Coolers and More

The choices for the kind of baskets or hampers you can get are numerous. Take a look at gourmet picnic baskets to see lots more, including the one I featured in the beginning. A cooler on wheels, just the ticket for an extra special picnic.

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